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Aircraft Financing Solutions / By Eric Dollman

GA Telesis is Uniquely Positioned to Provide Complete Aircraft Financing Solutions With more than 21,000 commercial (Boeing and Airbus) aircraft in service today and the long-term forecast for commercial aircraft demand continuing to grow, demand for aircraft financing is strong and expected to remain strong for the foreseeable future. […]

Aircraft Financing Solutions / By Eric Dollman2019-04-02T07:48:16-04:00

Innovations That Will Lead the Way in the Next Ten Years / By Pastor Lopez

If predicting the future was easy, or even possible, everyone would be a Mega Lotto winner.  However, due to the natural progression of human advancement, we can predict that there will be new breakthrough technologies.  Society will be in the midst of the next industrial and technological revolutions in the very near future, if not [...]

Innovations That Will Lead the Way in the Next Ten Years / By Pastor Lopez2019-02-27T15:31:00-04:00

The Runway to Building GA Telesis / By Abdol Moabery

When I founded GA Telesis I knew the direction I wanted to take the company.  I never envisioned the company as a tool to create a job for myself, but rather something much bigger.  I was also never that guy that always dreamed of being my own boss, being CEO yes, my own boss no. [...]

The Runway to Building GA Telesis / By Abdol Moabery2019-03-06T08:34:24-04:00

Follow Your Passion / By Mark Luginbill

There is the saying, “Do what you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.”  It sounds a lot like me because I feel blessed to have worked my entire career in the most exciting industry I can think of – aviation. As I reflect on my professional journey, I think [...]

Follow Your Passion / By Mark Luginbill2018-11-30T16:14:51-04:00

Gratitude in the Workplace / By Meghan Burgan

For my family and many others in the United States, the observance of Thanksgiving Day, culminates into a four-day weekend filled with extended family, feasting, football and watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. But it’s also a time to reflect on all the goodness we have in our lives. Studies show that if you focus [...]

Gratitude in the Workplace / By Meghan Burgan2018-11-01T08:52:25-04:00

Going Green at GA Telesis / By Dr. Andreas Bauer

GA Telesis headquarters is a large consumer of electricity by virtue of air conditioning and lighting a 140,000 square foot multi-story HQ building. A few years ago, our former head of global operations and now VP of Turbine Solutions, Alex Tuttle, started these green initiatives by initiating a plan to change classic warehouse lighting to [...]

Going Green at GA Telesis / By Dr. Andreas Bauer2018-10-02T09:22:11-04:00

Fostering Curiosity / By Dave Dicken

At GA Telesis we live by the five “W”s and one “H”; who, what, when, where, why, and how. It all starts when we were children and there was nothing more natural than challenging our parents with these questions. In many cases, these questions would be met with impatience and frustration. As kids, how many [...]

Fostering Curiosity / By Dave Dicken2018-09-14T15:33:25-04:00

Giving Back / By Bailey Homa

Giving back is a lot more than a moral obligation. It’s a way to strengthen the surrounding community.  Building relationships with local charities is something GA Telesis prides itself on. Working here as an intern for the summer, I have seen how passionate this team is about giving back. Events like bake sales and t-shirt [...]

Giving Back / By Bailey Homa2018-08-31T13:40:43-04:00

Thanks For Caring About My Success / By Cesar Morales

Looking back on a 29-year career in aviation, I am reminded of all the people I met along the way, but especially of those certain individuals who went that extra mile to help me advance my career and ultimately, land where I am today.   From my very first role in aviation, working on the dismantling [...]

Thanks For Caring About My Success / By Cesar Morales2018-08-06T09:06:29-04:00

Millennial and Gen-Z Interns – YUCK? NOT HARDLY! / By Abdol Moabery

Today I had the opportunity to have lunch with the 2018 Intern Class at GA Telesis.  This is an annual thing we do where they get to spend some time with me, talk about what they have learned, ask questions of me and let’s remember they are young students - so there is nothing like [...]

Millennial and Gen-Z Interns – YUCK? NOT HARDLY! / By Abdol Moabery2018-07-26T08:39:06-04:00