• MOTION SENSORS Turning the lights off when you leave a room is necessary to help save electricity. Motion sensors help reduce our energy consumption by automatically controlling our lights more efficiently
  • LED LIGHTS An LED light offers high-efficiency and only 5% or less of its energy is wasted. Efficient energy reduces our carbon footprint and an LED’s long-life helps mitigate landfill waste. To top it all off, LEDs are mercury free and contain no hazardous materials.
  • AIR CONDITION We upgraded our traditional HVAC units to Wi-Fi controlled units with smart schedules and timers. This upgrade allows us to have complete control of our systems remotely. Additional benefits are the convenience of the auto-restart capability, data collection capabilities, alert notifications, in addition to being cost and energy-efficient.
  • RECYCLING QUOTA We are continually working on increasing our recycling quota. At GA Telesis, we take the time to separate our garbage and recycling to redirect resources back into the use and reuse cycle.
  • WATER SAVING We are continually saving water attributed to an eco-friendly solution with the installation of automatic faucets and flush valves in our restrooms.
  • SAVE THE TREES One of the first things that new team members learn is GA Telesis’s commitment to positively impacting our environment, no matter how small. Each new team member is gifted with a reusable mug for coffee and a cup for water. With this small investment, our company does not have to waste endless amounts of paper or plastic cups.