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Ready to soar to new heights? Dive into our exclusive Requests for Proposal (RFPs) for part lot sales! From engine material, and QEC to Airframe components like nacelles, cutting-edge avionics, flight surfaces, and interiors, this lot sale has everything you need to elevate your inventory. Don’t miss your chance to bid on top-quality parts and accessories. Take flight with us today!

Terms & Conditions

All lot sales are subject to our Terms & Conditions of Sales of Parts

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Our RFPs are structured as lot sales, where GA Telesis, LLC (GAT) invites participants to bid for packages (or lots) of products. If GAT invites you to participate in an RFP, you may make an offer for the entire lot. The highest party at the end of the lot sale wins the item, as long as such party satisfies the other conditions applicable to the lot sale (for example, see the “Customer Approval” description below). All material is sold in “as is,” “where is” condition with no representation or warranty regarding fitness for a particular purpose or merchantability.

GAT’s current RFPs will run 6/12/2024 – 6/26/2024.

At any time before the completion of an RFP and the sale of a lot, GAT reserves the right to establish a reserve price, accept or decline offers, invite a bidder to amend their offer, change any offer submission deadlines, or withdraw an item or an entire lot from the RFP.

An offer is a legal and binding contract on the party submitting the offer, indicating the party’s willingness to purchase the item(s) at the specified price.

To place an offer, enter a single dollar value offer for the entire package on the RFP submission page.

Offers can only be placed for the entire package of items being sold. Offers for individual items will not be considered.

Only parties invited by GAT may participate in an RFP and lot sale. Awards are subject to Customer approval by GAT

The winner of the RFP is subject to the approval of the customer by GAT in its sole discretion.  For example, successful bidders must demonstrate a commitment to regulatory compliance. GAT may request further information to verify a party’s qualifications and failure to timely provide such information may result in a bid being rejected.

A deposit is not required to participate in our RFPs or to purchase a lot.

Payment terms are subject to customer credit approval and existing terms with GAT. The payment due date and method will be communicated to you by GAT following award of lot sale. Failure to make payment in accordance with those terms may lead to GAT revoking the award and selling the lot to another party.

You will receive an offer confirmation via email auto-reply after submitting your offer.

Virtual audits of material samples can be provided upon RFP participant request for inspection before the RFP concludes. Offers are not contingent on post-award inspection.

Offers can be cancelled ahead of RFP closure by emailing GAT @ lotsales@gatelesis.com. Otherwise, offers will remain valid for 90 days from the date of submission.

Offer rigging, including colluding to suppress offers, is strictly prohibited. Without GAT’s consent, RFP participants may not disclose any information regarding the RFP to any third party.

In the event of a tie, tied parties will be alerted via Email and a BAFO (Best and Final Offer) round will take place.

Each participant is responsible for its own costs incurred in connection with an RFP.

This webpage and other communications from GAT do not create any type of contract with any party, nor does it create an obligation to offer or award a contract. As stated above, all lot sales are subject to GAT’s standard Terms and Conditions of Sale. Information that GAT provides about an RFP is subject to change. Such information may not contain all the information that a party may require, and RFP participants must conduct their own due diligence regarding the RFP. GAT makes no representation or warranty regarding the accuracy or completeness of any information provided in connection with an RFP. GAT is not responsible for any damages or losses suffered by a participant in connection with an RFP.