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Top Nine Restaurants in Vail

Top Nine Restaurants in Vail

It’s time for another GA Telesis Travel Blog! We asked our team to let us know their favorite restaurants in Vail and, as usual, they delivered! I must warn you – these restaurants will make you hungry, so grab a snack and take a read of our Top Nine Restaurants in Vail.

  1. Sweet Basil – In the heart of Vail, you’ll find Sweet Basil – a modern, creative American restaurant featuring imaginative seasonal cuisine with diverse influences. The Zagat survey voted this Colorado’s Most Popular Restaurant and we’re not surprised. The wine list is long and the food won’t disappoint. With so many delectable options, the only issue you’ll be having is making up your mind! Add Sweet Basil to your list of best places to eat in Vail!
  2. Mountain Standard – From the legendary Sweet Basil creators, Mountain Standard is too good to leave off the list. This gem offers a relaxed and rustic tavern setting and uses an ancient form of cooking – over an open wood fire. You can expect bold flavors utilizing only the purest ingredients from the Rocky Mountain region. The perfect balance of an upscale dining experience in a more relaxed setting is what you can expect from Mountain Standard.
  3. La Nonna – With a state-of-the-art kitchen and recent extensive remodel, La Nona offers a warm and inviting ambiance in an elegant dining room. If you love Italian cuisine, La Nona is a must-try! You’ll find elevated authentic Italian dishes like Spaghetti Crostacei and Gnocchi ala Bolognese. Save room for dessert… it will not disappoint!
  4. Alpenrose – This restaurant is a Vail institution keeping “old Vail” and its deep-rooted values alive for the past 40 years. This is the perfect family spot for dinner. You’ll be welcomed with hospitality and warmth when you walk through the doors of Alpenrose. It’s no wonder they deem this a place “where guests become friends”. Expect fine classics and traditional recipes with a hint of international culinary inspo.
  5. Montauk Seafood Grill – Located in stunning Lionshead Village, Montauk Seafood Grill is still serving the absolute freshest and highest quality seafood available after 30 years of opening. Appreciate mouthwatering food, house cocktails, and a great time!
  6. Up The Creek – This family-owned and operated restaurant has been serving up some of the most delicious dishes since 1988. You can enjoy lunch or dinner at Up the Creek and enjoy meals using only fresh and locally farmed ingredients off of a diverse seasonal menu. This restaurant sits on the banks of Gore Creek and is the ONLY restaurant in Vail offering a creek-side patio!
  7. Pazzos Pizza – This local Vail restaurant has 3 locations – Vail, Avon, and Eagle – and has been serving the locals of Vail for over 25 years! Stop by Pazzos Pizza for the best pizza in a family-friendly setting. This is a complete no fuss, relaxed environment restaurant, a true local spot where you can find any of the Italian menu items you crave like antipasto, all the parms, lasagna, meatballs, sandwiches, and more!
  8. The Remedy Bar – You can find The Remedy Bar at the Four Seasons. Stop in with friends and watch your favorite teams on their 165 inch TV and enjoy stunning mountain views. Take a seat on the patio that boasts year-round fire pits. You’re definitely going to want to start off with a signature cocktail before you take your pick from an array of food offerings like charcuterie, Ahi Tuna Bowl, Jackfruit Tacos, Wagyu Beef and Elk Chili, charbroiled oysters… you name it, they’ve likely got it (an elevated version of it at least!)
  9. Big Bear Bistro – If you’re looking for a quick bite after a long day on the slopes or trails, stop in at Big Bear Bistro. They aim to serve all the food they love and crave after an eventful day of skiing so expect to find breakfast and gourmet sandwiches. Everything is all-natural and organic, too!

Hungry yet? We are! Those were what we thought are some of the best places to eat in Vail and we hope you enjoy them too. We didn’t write down ALL our favorites, so let us know some of yours in the comments down below!

Safe & Happy Travels Friends,

Your GA Telesis Travel Blogger

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