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GA Telesis Pens Five-Year Extension to iGEAR Flight Hour Program with Star Air A/S

Author: gatelesis

Dallas, TX – April 7, 2016 GA Telesis, LLC announces a long-term extension to its flight hour program agreement with Copenhagen-based airline Star Air A/S.  Star Air has entered into a five-year extension with GA Telesis on their current flight hour program now running through 2021, making GA Telesis the primary provider of inventory support, component maintenance and supply chain solutions for the airline’s fleet of B767 aircraft.

Managing Director and Senior Vice President of GA Telesis UK LTD., Nigel Christie, stated: “The renewal of this support agreement is indicative of our continued success with Star Air. GA Telesis has continued to prove the success of its iGEAR flight hour service programs and we have once again shown our commitment to reducing airline costs while providing prompt and reliable support services.  This is proof of our ability to provide our partners around the world with services and support that exceed their expectations.”

Logistics Manager Bo Søndergaard for Star Air A/S commented: “We look forward to the continued high level of support that the renewal of this agreement will provide us. GA Telesis has delivered prompt and reliable support to our business up to now, matching our expectations.”

About GA Telesis

GA Telesis is a worldwide leader in providing support services to the commercial aerospace industry. With financial, supply-chain, component and heavy jet engine MRO businesses spanning the globe, GA Telesis is recognized as a pioneering leader in solutions-based services in its sector. As an innovator, GA Telesis is one of the few independent companies in the world capable of providing a total-support-solution to their customers from their front door with several fully integrated operations throughout North America, Europe and Asia. GA Telesis also provides leasing and asset management services and maintains an extensive portfolio of leased assets exceeding $1 billion in value.

About Star Air

Star Air A/S is a specialized regional cargo airline with headquarters in Dragør, Denmark operating 12 x B767 aircraft with its primary operation out of Cologne, Germany. For further details please see