Repair Management – Relevance and Significance / by Meghan Burgan

Author: gatelesis

Aircraft all around the world move equipment and medicine to those in need, and they move frontline workers and family members to take care of each other. GA Telesis took the immediate initiative to keep the world moving and did not miss a beat in multiple respects. Our management team swiftly took action to keep our worldwide staff safe to continue meeting our customer’s needs. As each global office took different approaches to keep our employees and the communities they live and work in safe, one thing remained; our staff was never offline.  As a matter of fact, we are fortunate as we have been able to hire new staff and grow our worldwide repair management team.

GA Telesis has the same sentiments towards our airline customers.  We want to ensure their short and long-term safety and security; thus, we are innovative in creating support programs that create value for their day-to-day operations. GA Telesis supports major airlines across a spectrum of aircraft components and fleet types. We offer total aircraft support programs through our quality approved, vendor managed repair service. Our experienced team has built systems and processes that allow us to significantly reduce turnaround time with considerable maintenance cost pricing solutions. The benefits of these repair management offerings include:

  • In-house capabilities for jet engine, component repair, composite repair, and landing gear repairs
  • Exclusive pricing and contracted OEM discounted agreements
  • Engineering staff for component modifications, upgrades, and technical analysis
  • Dedicated worldwide account teams in North America, Europe, and Asia
  • Repair quote negotiation and compliance checks
  • Digital solution to include 24/7 component status with all quote and trace paperwork
  • Best-in-class vendor base held accountable to stringent delivery, quality, and warranty targets
  • In-house logistic solutions group enabling discounted freight
  • Top-quality standards including ISO 9001, AS9120, and ASA-100 certifications
  • Ability to supply exchange/loan units in advance from our extensive inventory
  • Replace before repair analysis to ensure the lowest cost solution
  • BER Reclamation and analysis programs

GA Telesis is here to help you help the world. Now, more than ever. We know airlines are looking at significant ways to reduce their overall costs, and we have proactively put in place measures to do just that.  Contact us to learn how we can lower your costs and strengthen your repair management process. And as with many of us at GA Telesis, it should not go unsaid that my thoughts are with those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. I hope you, your teams, and your loved ones are healthy and safe.

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