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GA Telesis Continues Expansion in the Eurasia Region with the Addition of Another Flight Solutions Group Office in Turkey

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October 10, 2023 – Fort Lauderdale, FloridaGA Telesis (“GAT”), the pioneering leader in integrated aviation services, announces its continued expansion in the Eurasia Region with the Addition of another Flight Solution Group (“FSG”) Office in Turkey. Based in Antalya, Turkey, the new office marks a significant milestone in the GAT’s global expansion efforts. This strategic move demonstrates the Flight Solution Group’s commitment to providing top-tier aviation solutions paired with a regional presence to its customers worldwide. The new office in Antalya will focus on not only customer care and repair management for FSG but also technical support to customers within Turkey and worldwide.

“Since our inception in 2014, our model of support in the Eurasia region has been a resounding success for our customer base,” said Mehmet Gokhan Dogan, SVP and Managing Director of Eurasia. “With the growth of fleets in Eurasia, specifically in Turkey, we have been developing a plan for a more strategic and technical presence outside of Istanbul and in the Antalya region. Today’s announcement reaffirms our commitment to those regional customers, supporting their growth plans together,” added Dogan.

“A major formula in our hockey stick growth has been that of local support, both physically and culturally,” said Jason Reed, President of the Flight Solutions Group. “We have used this model worldwide, including the Asia Pacific Region, to drive sales and support to a new OEM-like level in the aviation aftermarket. The introduction of the Antalya office is a true testament to our leadership and staff in Istanbul going the extra mile and listening to the voice of the customer in their fleet maintenance requirements in the Antalya region,” added Reed.

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GA Telesis is the leading provider of integrated services in the commercial aviation industry. Through the GA Telesis Ecosystem™, the Company is distinctly positioned, across six continents, to leverage its resources to create innovative solutions for its customers. Consisting of global operations encompassing leasing/financing, component solutions, and MRO Services business units for landing gear, component/composite, and turbine engine repair, as well as digital solutions, the GA Telesis Ecosystem™ provides an unparalleled resource to airlines. The Company’s core business is its mission to ensure “Customer Success,” built from a reputation for unsurpassed excellence and integrity.

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