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GA Telesis Announces Distributor Agreement with Honeywell for New UV Treatment System

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March 30, 2021 – Fort Lauderdale, Florida – GA Telesis, LLC (“GAT”) announces it has expanded its distributor agreement with Honeywell to add the latest version of Honeywell’s UV Treatment System to GAT’s Tarmac Solutions Group inventory. This collaboration provides another innovative product as airlines worldwide work to provide a safer environment for their passengers.

The newest version of Honeywell’s UV Treatment System is lighter and easier to navigate within aircraft cabins, enabling ground crews to efficiently and quickly clean between flights. Important enhancements to the popular UV Cabin System include a handheld wand and increased mobility, allowing access in the confined areas of the cockpit and lavatories. These latest features can now also be applied to other transportation modes outside of aviation including bus, rail, cruise liners, and automobiles.  In some cases, when compared with other products on the market, the UV Treatment System can deliver results that are up to 80% more cost-effective per application with no chemical induction.

GA Telesis is proud to continue our long partnership with Honeywell in bringing this latest state-of-the-art technology to market as airlines rebuild their networks,” said Jason Reed, President of the Flight Solutions Group.  “With the success of our initial agreement for the Honeywell UV Cabin System, we have no doubt this new product will be a hit with the industry and bring passengers back to airlines sooner than expected,” added Reed.

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