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Short-Term Sale and Leasebacks to Manage Fleet Transitions / By Jonathan Cauff

Short-term sale and leaseback transactions have evolved into an enormously valuable fleet transition, management tool, and residual risk mitigation tool for airlines. Never before have short-term sale and leasebacks been more prevalent and more crucial to the success of many of the world’s airlines. Many airlines had previously planned on retiring […]

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Trust in Data: Finding Ways to Benefit Our Customers / By Meghan Burgan

Over the last 20 years, one thing that remained constant in my various aviation roles is the recognized benefit from data utilization and analysis. Earlier in my career, I acquired in-depth knowledge of process modeling, change management, project management, and Six Sigma black belt practices. Through this type of development, I learned quickly that […]

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Aircraft Financing Solutions / By Eric Dollman

GA Telesis is Uniquely Positioned to Provide Complete Aircraft Financing Solutions

With more than 21,000 commercial (Boeing and Airbus) aircraft in service today and the long-term forecast for commercial aircraft demand continuing to grow, demand for aircraft financing is strong and expected to remain strong for the foreseeable future. […]

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Innovations That Will Lead the Way in the Next Ten Years / By Pastor Lopez

If predicting the future was easy, or even possible, everyone would be a Mega Lotto winner.  However, due to the natural progression of human
advancement, we can predict that there will be new breakthrough technologies.  Society will be in the midst of the next industrial and technological revolutions in the very near future, if not already.

Aviation […]

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