The Aviation Industry is at Home in the State of Florida / By Abdol Moabery

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While flying home from a business trip a few days ago, I ran into a few industry colleagues which led me to think about the vast amount of aviation companies based in the state of [...]

You Plan Your Holiday, Why Not Your Career? / By Jeffery Kramer

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From my almost twenty years of experience in publicly traded and private companies, there is one thing I have found in common. Most companies stop hiring around the holidays and it takes them several months [...]

Meeting with Mr. Green / By Abdol Moabery

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I was just asked an interesting question. Hopefully, after reading below you will decipher what the question was. It was Friday, May 10, 1996, payday. I remember the day vividly. After spending the previous few weekends rummaging [...]

How Disney Made My Experience Magical / By Pastor Lopez

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The Disney Company believes customers will tell others about their experiences at the Disney parks when Disney’s “cast members” exceed customer expectations. If Disney only meets expectations, customers will not have a story to tell. [...]

A Vicious Cycle or No Cycle at All / By Abdol Moabery

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The airline and aviation industry is evolving — and rapidly. Far are we from the days of the 8-10 year repetitive cycle that caused sector-wide devastation. If we look back at the last 30 years, the [...]