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Airline Economics Growth Frontiers Dublin

GA Telesis Attendees:

Abdol Moabery – CEO & President

Marc Cho – CIO & President of Leasing, Investment, Finance, and Trading

Jukka Laurila – President of Engine Services

Alvin Khoo – CFO & Senior Vice President

Nigel Christie – Senior Vice President & Managing Director of UK

Mehmet Dogan – Senior Vice President & Managing Director of Turkey

David Ellis – Senior Vice President and Head of Acquisitions, Asset Transaction Group

Mauro Francazi – Director of Business Development of Europe, Asset Transaction Group

Eric Dollman- Vice President of Leveraged Finance Group

Stuart Weinroth- Vice President of Structured Credit Products

Don’t miss David Ellis Monday, January 21st at 17:10 on the Engine Investment, Management and Leasing Panel and Abdol Moabery Tuesday, January 22nd at 16:05 on the Investing In, Trading and Leasing Mid-Life and Late Life Aircraft & Engines Panel!