Consumables & Expendables

At GA Telesis, our goal is to serve as the one-stop-shop for all of your material needs. Over the past several years, our company has invested substantial resources to increase our presence in the consumable and expendable market.  We have acquired a wide range of consumable and expendable (C&E) material to support commercial aircraft. Our Consumable and Expendable Group consists of a dedicated team of professionals that focus solely on the C&E material requirements of our customers.

GA Telesis appreciates that C&E material can comprise a significant portion of our customers’ daily requirements. We know that the smallest bolt or washer can keep your aircraft on the ground just as quickly as an unserviceable engine. GA Telesis treats your C&E requirements with the utmost urgency. All materials in our C&E inventory have undergone our company’s rigorous quality control processes and the majority of our inventory is in new surplus condition.

GA Telesis is committed to increasing its C&E support by working with suppliers and customers across the globe to ensure that all of their material requirements are met. Our C&E group offers a wide range of programs and services, including:

  • Scrap Replacement
  • Inventory Management Programs
  • Purchase of Customer Surplus Material
  • Consignment of Customer Surplus Material
  • C&E Parts Redistribution
  • Package Support Programs
  • Provisioning Programs On-Site