Inventory Solutions

GA Telesis understands that airlines are constantly looking for new and more effective ways to reduce the cost of doing business.  Our Inventory Solutions Group assists airlines in managing inventories in order to lower carrying costs and improve overall spare parts availability.   The internal experts and engineers at GA Telesis work with our global customers to identify the best alternatives where needed and to design custom repairs.

Our sales and distribution facilities are strategically positioned around the globe to provide rapid and cost-optimized solutions.  Our team of seasoned professionals maximizes customers’ value by creating ground-breaking inventory solutions.

The Inventory Solutions Group offers flexible structuring programs, including:

  • Inventory Leasing
  • Inventory Purchase and Lease-Back
  • Forward Purchases
  • Inventory Consignments
  • Inventory Repair Programs
  • Inventory Management Services

Learn about other innovative programs and solutions offered by our component distribution business: