Fleet Value Maximization

GA Telesis provides its global customers with total fleet maximization. By integrating knowledge and skills across of all of our business units, we are able to create a unique value proposition for our customers and for our company’s fleet of assets. Our highly qualified technical staff, lease management team, and asset trading group apply strategies and techniques honed by years of experience to maximize value for our partners.

Stub Lease

Lessors and financial investors often discover that lease termination activities, including technical redelivery, records collection, and return condition negotiations can be a daunting proposition. This often prompts owners to sell assets prior to expending the resources necessary for redelivery activity. GA Telesis can help fleets subject to existing lease agreements by purchasing these aviation assets.

Maintenance Reserve Optimization

Maintenance reserves are a supplemental payment made by a lessee, in addition to the lease rental payment, that is related to the consumption of value due to the lessee’s utilization of the asset. Each lease agreement treats maintenance reserves uniquely and specifically defines lessor obligations and responsibilities associated with maintenance events.

The experienced professionals at GA Telesis review each asset on lease which the company owns or manages. Our team develops innovative strategies to minimize costs, while maximizing the value to the investor/lessor. Our multi-faceted asset management approach allows us to employ a range of strategies to maximize the value of the maintenance reserves. For example, we ensure that maintenance activities are cost-effective and only performed when necessary by sourcing alternative spare engines, performing exchanges on airframe components and effectively managing maintenance shop visit work scopes.

Green Time

“Green time” refers to the remaining useful maintenance life of an aircraft, engine or component. When GA Telesis manages or purchases an asset, prior part-out or overhaul of an asset, we determine if the asset has any marketable remaining useful life. In many instances, we are able to arrange for the lease of the engine, APU, landing gear or component to extract the maximum value and reduce investment basis in the asset. Our dedicated professionals constantly explore the market and work with our MRO and airline customers to fulfill their needs for green time engines and components.

As airlines phase out of certain aircraft fleets, lessors look to avoid expensive shop visits and repair shops often seek short-term solutions to keep their operators’ fleets in the air. At GA Telesis, we have the resources and expertise necessary to offer these customers innovative short-term solutions that best meet their individual needs.


At GA Telesis, our core business is the teardown, disassembly, repair and sales of used aircraft and engines. When the value of the parts is greater than the value that can be realized by selling the whole asset, GA Telesis has the unique capability to part out aircraft and engines. Often, other financial investors must outsource these activities, even when they are a key component of their investment underwriting. GA Telesis offers all part out services in-house, creating the greatest value for our customers.