Capital Management

GA Telesis Capital Management is uniquely positioned to manage investments in aviation assets for investors operating around the globe. Our capital management team is unparalleled in the aviation industry and utilizes extensive data and background gathered through the diverse business units of the GA Telesis operating company to successfully manage aviation assets.

Hedge fund managers, private equity funds and other institutional investors rely on and partner with GA Telesis to originate and manage a broad range of investments, including aviation assets on lease, assets scheduled for disassembly, part-out, and trading. Our broad operating platform offers multiple exit strategies for investors and allows us to take advantage of changing markets.  We use our extensive experience and expertise to participate across the entire spectrum of aviation assets and structures.

GA Telesis’ financial strength and ability to participate alongside our partners ensures we are aligned with our investors’ goals.  Our focus on customers’ success is unwavering. We have developed an enviable track record and unmatched experience in the industry. GA Telesis has disassembled over 200 airframes, 450 engines of various types and currently manages over $500 million in assets for our partners and investors. All of this combines to make GA Telesis Capital Management the aviation investor’s best choice.

Since the founding of GA Telesis in 2002, smart, informed and prudent investment decisions have been our hallmark and the reason that investors now choose GA Telesis Capital Management.

GA Telesis Capital Management… Intelligently Defining Aviation Investing ™