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Government Solutions Group

The Government Solutions Group provides the United States Government’s Department of Defense with compliant Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) spare parts and supplies. With GA Telesis’ extensive direct access OEM relationships, we are able to serve the defense marketplace and deliver the U.S. Government genuine factory new products with transparency and accountability.

Our focus is providing an intelligent solution to the U.S. Government that leverages the existing technical capabilities and aviation OEM relationships of the GA Telesis platform. As a responsible prime U.S. Government contractor, we have developed a robust quality-control defense federal acquisition regulation (DFAR) compliant platform. We provide our military customers with expert contracts administration and risk mitigation. Additionally, we also provide non-aviation products with an emphasis on industrial, military vehicles and navy vessel platforms.

Our team members are carefully selected based on experience, expertise, and technical capability. Each team member is also well versed in government contracts administration and DFAR interpretation. They are each leaders in the government contracts ecosystem and possess years of experience in the defense procurement arena.

GA Telesis’ Government Solutions Group utilizes proprietary third-party systems to harness and collect all daily U.S. military solicitations in an automated and streamlined fashion. Our systems are able to identify all pertinent opportunities that relate to our partner OEM’s product lines. Our solution achieves complete efficiency by monitoring daily government solicitations and automatically assigning each to the correct member of our team. The system automatically sends formal Request for Quotation’s (RFQ) to our OEM partners and any other approved manufacturers for each pertinent opportunity. The system is live with the U.S. Government’s procurement database thereby assuring we expedite all vendors RFQ’s to submit government bids in a timely fashion. This paperless system allows for immense time and costs savings thru its automation and full accountability to all government contract bid submission requirements.

GSG provides the US Government’s (USG) Department of Defense (DOD) with compliant OEM spare parts and equipment.

“The Defense Logistics Agency provides the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, other federal agencies and partner nations with the full spectrum of logistics, acquisition and technical services.

  • The DLA supplies 86 percent of the military’s spare parts.
  • The DLA also provides more than $34 billion in goods and services annually.
  • The DLA supports more than 2,300 weapon systems.
  • The DLA manages nine supply chains and about 5 million items.
  • The DLA administers the storage and disposal of strategic and critical materials to support national defense.
  • The DLA operates in most states and 28 countries.
  • The DLA manages 25 distribution centers worldwide”

Under a $4.2B contract for the Parts and Repair Ordering System Program, the U.S. Air Force FMS program conducts procurement activities required to provide logistic requirements support to over 90 Foreign Military Sales (FMS) customers.

The FMS program provides allied customers the best value for part support for aging weapon systems and out-of-production/obsolete parts in support of their weapon systems.

Government Solutions Group – GSG

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